Tricks on How to Expertly Perform an English in Online 8 Ball Pool

When playing online 8 Ball Pool, one of trickiest shot to make is when the ball you want to shoot is dangerously near the pocket. You oftentimes deal with this situation by using less power with your cue, but it does not work all the time. So, what really is the trick?

You are right by using minimal shooting power, but this must also be coupled with hitting the right spot on the cue ball to make it spin. Experts in real and online billiards refer to this as the English.


To deal with a target ball near the pocket, you need to force the cue ball to do a backspin. Depending on the game’s feature, access the cue ball control screen and click or tap on the spot where you want your cue to make contact. This time, you will want the cue to hit the near bottom of the ball do a backspin. This has been proven many times to work with a target ball near the pocket.

Front Spin

Apart from the backspin, experts use another cue ball control referred to as the front spin. This is known to propel the ball further even after it hits the target ball.  Known to be extra handy for breaking, the front spin can be achieved by hitting the near top of the ball with your cue.

Side Spin 

If the challenge is setting the cue ball for the next shot, experts recommend using the side spin. Depending on where you want the cue ball to go after hitting the target ball, you can hit either near sides of the cue ball. Again, make sure to just use enough power, so it does not move farther than direction you wish it to go.

Learning these cue ball shots may take some time to master. It may also compromise the outcome of the match if they are used haphazardly. Practice as many times as you can in free tables if there are any. Otherwise, choose to make different contacts and use varied power levels on the cue ball in low stakes tables until you master the tricks and don’t forget to try this one you may be surprised with that.